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Thread: State of Mind

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    State of Mind

    Hello All,

    I'm not one to normally be upset in this game or yell/scream at people because I understand people are learning/are new to the game. Recently though, I have become more frustrated with this game as time passes and it's not because of the balance of specific champions or OP "meta" champions. It is because of the way people are thinking/playing in this game. There are far too many times I can count in the last week where people just don't care and these individuals blatantly come out saying it. We now have a game, where people will join normal queue and just sit in the back doing nothing. They will come out saying, "It's just a game!! Calm down!!" or "I'm leveling my battle pass, I don't care." Why is this way of thinking NOT punished on? Why are people like this allowed to spread their negative attitude and influence this way? Sometimes you're held hostage to these people, for instance if a healer acts this way. You're afraid of saying something to this person because on the off chance this "healer" decides to heal, maybe he won't heal you because you had the "audacity" to ask them what they're doing. I feel like people are constantly walking on thin Ice because they don't want to upset the other person and have that individual not play. I'll be honest, I would rather have extremely toxic, flaming people on my team if it meant they were playing the game, and that's a sad thing for me to say. Is there a system in place like Blizzard/Riot Games have? Where negative attitude/trolling is punished on?
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