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Thread: Champion Concept: Cavira, The Silent Assassin

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    Champion Concept: Cavira, The Silent Assassin

    The title sounds interesting doesnt it? This guide took me 2 months think of and this whole day to finish and its done but the lore and loadouts are still WIP.
    Role: Damage
    Movement Speed:385
    The Viper Gun LMB(direct damage):-
    Fire a semi-automatic action shotgun that fires 10 small pieces of shrapnel that deals upto 500 dmg every 0.45s at close range in a high spread.
    * Has an ammo count of 10.
    * Has a progressive reload that can be interrupted to fire.
    * Has a 0.5s initial reload animation.
    * Cavira reloads the Viper Gun one bullet at a time in rapid succession, instead of all at once.
    * The more bullets used in the magazine, the longer it takes to fully reload.
    * The Viper Gun cannot be repeatedly fired by holding down the primary fire key; the key must be tapped individually.
    * Has a reload speed of +0.3 seconds per bullet.
    Scope RMB(direct damage):-
    While scoped, your gun does 1000 dmg every 0.9s at long range and Laser sight can be used.
    * Has the same reload mechanic.
    * Unlike other snipers like Kinessa and Strix, Cavira does not lose vision of her surroundings while scoped which is a bit similar to Ashe from Overwatch.
    * Unlike Strix and Kinessa, Cavira does not fire tracers which reveal her firing angle.
    * Cavira's zoom is significantly lower than Strix and Kinessa.
    * Has no dmg falloff at any range due to the reload mechanic.
    * While Scoped, her gun animation is Pump action unlike Strix.
    * Movement speed is reduced while scoped.
    Cybernetic Eye/Laser Sight(10s cooldown) Q skill:-
    Cybernetic Eye fires a beam from your left eye that Disables Deployables for 4s and cancels channeled movement abilities; you deal 15% more dmg to the affected player for 5s while scoped.
    Laser Sight emits a red lighting and if the Laser Sight meets in contact with a hitbox, Cavira will instantly fire without u having to do it yourself; Laser Sight will be turned off after used.
    * Laser Sight can do headshot dmg if the laser sight meets in contact with the head hitbox.
    * Unscoping while Laser sight is active will cancel the ability and put it on a 3 second cooldown.
    * The Laser Sight is very visible to everyone.
    * Cybernetic Eye does not deal damage.
    * Cybernetic Eye is hitscan.
    * Cybernetic Eye does not affect Impasse.
    Spawn Beacon(8s cooldown) F skill:-
    Fire a beacon that will teleport you to its location after 1.5s when you reactivate it.
    * You can fire your weapon but cant use your other abilities except for scope.
    *The ability will be automatically cancelled if its not used within 20s.
    Red Light(Ultimate) E skill:-
    Laser Sight is activated; will not wear off on use and lasts for 6s.
    * Will not affect the cooldown of laser sight if its already on cooldown.
    *Can be cancelled, but will not refund ult charge.
    * Unscoping will not cancel Laser Sight, but your shotgun will not benefit from the effects of the laser.
    * Replenishes your clip upon use.
    * Does not consume ammo.
    * Come out:Players below 65% HP are revealed to you and hitting Headshots while scoped execute enemies at or below 1800 HP.
    * i-SPY: Cybernetic Eye now fires a glowing projectile that can attach to surfaces and reveals players to you in line of sight while increasing the dmg buff to 25%.
    -Can no longer Disable Deplyables or cancel Channeled Movement abilities.
    * Close Call: Spawn beacon grants dmg immunity when reactivated and reduces its coodown to 3s.
    EDIT- Her Viper gun dmg has been nerfed from 600 to 500 becuz it was comparatively a bit much compared to other champs even with the high spread.
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