Hi ^_^
First of all sorry for my bad english .

so i was wondering why we don't have a world chat where everyone connected to the game can talk in the same chat channel where there is a chat channel for english langage , a chat channel for french etc..... and ofc this will be for 2 reasons , first one to develop players communication in the game where we can ask some question about the game and we get insta replies and more .... and first reason to search for good team to play ranked or a good mate to play with , for exemple you are master or diamond and you are searching for a team mate with your rank level .
i know games with those types don't need an option like this but why you couldn't be the first one making this option, many players will enjoy this , so when you get bored you don't have to leave the game you just join this chat channel and talk with some other players asking them about something concerning the game or searching for teammate to play with . or for exemple , it could be a room , like open world where u can go in and this room is about a little map where everyone join to communicate and in the same time you can move anywhere in the room with your champ that you have choose before goin to the room.
Sorry again for my bad english and i hope you take this seriously cause it's necessary to build a better communication in the game and yet i know this game don't need an option like this .