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    Angry paladin ranked

    the ranking system is the most suck I have ever seen most people in diamond and platinum do not have anything to do and especially the people who make their first 10 ranked and arrived platinum 1! the real question is that there are people in silver and bronze ??? already in platinum most do not have brain ..... your ranking system is totally rotten myself when I did my first 10 games ranked 1 years ago I was put platinum 3 and I clearly do not think I had the level !!! and since it has not changed while its destroyed the game how many parties I lost because i have an afk, a troll, a bot or a guy who has nothing to do in platinum or diamond! it may be time to start reviewing your system above because clearly the game is good but no interest in ranked.

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    I feel like this thread: or this thread: are better suited for this.
    Protect your supports please... They want support too!
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    Just a silly idea

    Support Pip guide here!

    Fix the Pip bugs! There are 40 of them, so can we fix them please?

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    As CatManDude said.

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