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Thread: Racizm trouble

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    Racizm trouble

    Hi everyone!
    You woked up, enabled your computer, and starting play paladins and...
    And racist in your team, staying afk, because russians idiots in his team, omg!
    Is it normally?
    I'm pretty sure, he won't banned.
    What do you think about it? Is it normally, to be russian/ukranian/otherCis nation on EU paladins server and been harassed by racists in your normal/ranked games?
    Dublicated on russian.

    Всем привет!
    Вы проснулись, включили компьютер, запустили паладинов и...
    И в вашей команде рассист, он стоит афк, потому что русские нубы в его команде, боже мой!
    Это нормально?
    Я практически уверен, что его не забанят.
    Что вы думаете по этому поводу? Это нормально, быть русским/украинцем/ДругойНациейРегиона и попадаться с такими людьми в своих обычных/рейтинговых играх?

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    well not first time seeing this on paladins, in every game in EU server players can be found that are like that its pretty much lesser in paladins compare to dota 2 and cs:go well you see im not saying this IS not a problem it is ofc
    but i dont think forums can cover this kind of problems. you still can report them with "others" option and in description dialog talk about how racist they are.

    i dont know evil mojo ban those kind of players or not maybe an admin can tell us that they do or not

    at the end there are PLAYERS in paladins whom can be found guilty in some ways they need to get reported.
    forums is about the whole game it self not some personal issues
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