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Thread: Challenge: Shield for 150k in a single matchup

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    Challenge: Shield for 150k in a single matchup

    Name: Rahus
    Console: Nintendo Switch
    Region: North America
    FC: SW-0673-8404-9219

    Yeah, been trying to accomplish this for the past week, but I can't get it done. I need help accomplishing it.

    If we can get a team going, we can all work together to accomplish our challenges by going into Training and farming bots.

    This is my last challenge, and once done, I will have 100%'d this Battle Pass.

    I can play at any time except Friday and Saturday.

    Edit: And the very next day, I complete it. Lol

    Okay, so if anyone else is stuck on this, I think I found the solution. Pick Khan and use Lian's Shield, then vet into a party of purely bots. Simply tank all attacks, occasionally using a shout to heal up any residual damage you might pick up, and just get the match to prolong by not capping until the end.

    I kinda figured this was the trick, but I didn't think it was easier with Khan.

    This also means I'm now 100% done with this Battle Pass!
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