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Thread: Two Imani Bugs

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    Post Two Imani Bugs

    Two Imani bugs I found are:

    (1) Whenever you manually cancel Imani's ult, Imani's bindings go back to default until you go to settings and check her bindings, which resets it back to the bindings you set them for her.

    (2) Imani does not count as a damage champion for the "Play 2 Damage champions" quest.

    *The first bug has been in the game since her release. I did not see any reports about this bug so I will gladly start it since no one's pushing for this bug to be fixed.

    *Edit 6/15: Also, sometimes after her dragon expires or cancels, the screen doesn't change back to Imani's POV. The only way to put it back is using her slide.
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