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Thread: Reducing the penalty for suspensions

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    I want to bring another part of suspension. As there is no actual information about reason of said ban, no logs, no e-mail, not even on hirez account. You just have pending timer when logging in and thats all.

    Contacting with support give vague answer and there is no dialogue, feels almost automatic. Also without any details.

    In my humble opinion being vocal in game is a punishing factor. Also this seems to be tied mostly to ranked games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinsleeper View Post
    My internet went out twice in one day and i didnt get not one suspension.
    imagine that but every time you play, and thats an accurate picture of what its like playing on the switch...
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    Oh hai <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Borvik View Post
    just imagine buck in a speedo...
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