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Thread: My solution

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    [QUOTE=buoy;579734]@vakfolt just saying, if cauterize is nerfed, self rejuv cards need to be kept under watch.

    green items eg life rip and k2h need to be watched etc.

    I agree with you. Not i'm the one who say, cauterize shuld be nerfed. I just agree with cauterize op state. Maybe mandatory is better word. We adapt cauterize long time ago imo. My thread against healing burst type legendary's/talent's like Life Exchange, or Solar Blessing, not cauterize.

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    Heal increaser talents can be unique and it's a big part of the game. I think this style has raison d'etre, but shouldn't be the only why to play a champion well! Fortunately it isn't in the case of many supporters. Just there are some dmg talent what need buffs.

    But remove the heal cooldown reducer cards and replace them with some other (e.g. the heal also applies specific bonuses what you already suggested) would be cool. The heal cooldown reducer cards are just obligaotry picks, makes the loadouts simplier, bec you just have to use it as a main healer and also makes the gameplay simplier, because you have to (worth to) heal much more often instead of deal dmg or use CC.

    Remove thoese cards and keep the heal specific talents. I think it could be fine
    Thanks for reading my post!

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