Hey everyone! This thread is going to be here so we can hopefully get a better bug reporting subforum here. A few things to keep in mind whenever submitting a bug report:

1. Please see this Trello Board with a list of Live Paladins Criticial Issues. This board is updated daily with critical bugs/issues, so make sure to check it before sending in a bug report that is known.

2. Try to follow our Bug Reporting Template as closely as possible. This allows easier interpretation on what is going on with your bug for the Paladins QA department.

3. Be constructive. Remember that if you misuse this subforum, you can be infracted. See here for more information.

4. Check that there is not a megathread or active thread about your bug. We sitcky all megathreads regarding highly reported bugs for a reason - so use these threads instead of creating a new one. At least check that your issue is not on the first page of the subforum before posting a new report.

5. There are alternatives. You can report bugs on the official Paladins Discord server (follow the instructions there), or if your bug is extremely critical/can easily be abused, you can submit a Support Ticket.

Thank you for helping us make the Paladins Forums a more organized and constructive place! If you have further questions, feel free to Private Message me or another moderator.