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Thread: Supports ≠ healbots

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    Quote Originally Posted by driggydrug View Post
    What's wrong with pip flank? It's fun and it works, double jump could be a good alternative to catalyst.
    Catalyst = damage pip, acrobatics = flank pip.
    (Even if the flank concept has been fucked thanks to the burst meta, the flanker is the high risk high reward character with high mobility and medium damage, not a spammy bursty damage dealer... and acrobatics fits this role well)

    Most of damage/flank playstyle talents that healers have are just trollpicks! Look at binary star, exterminate, wekono's curse, focussing lents... they suck!

    And why does combat medic in basekit promote healbot playstyle?
    The thing that's wrong about Pip being a flank, is that it's mostly a meme. It worked way back when legendaries were first added because flanks worked differently back then, being more about mobility and lesser DPS, really only worked because he was somewhat like Buck back then. Once acrobatics was removed when mobility started to get lowered, it wasn't something that worked all that well, and he was mostly just a DPS that is in Cassie's position: Able to overextend a bit, and can only really do a flank if no one is paying attention.

    In all seriousness, if Acrobatics was re-added, it would be a talent that would see use in casual, for people wanting to relive old times, but it wouldn't really work as well. Imagine if they kept Buck's old kit, and just lowered his health a ton. That's essentially what Pip would be with that. So, weak damage, a slow, and decent mobility.

    And combat medic in base kit would make people basically only be shooting their primary fire at allies. A lot of people now seem to see supports as this healbot, and a 'if I don't have high heals I threw' sort of mentality. They would most likely just spam at allies to heal them, much like people do with life exchange ying: Perch super far back and heal. And if you also buff the amount in which it heals, it's more than likely going to be more encouraged to spam your heals on allies.
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    Just a silly idea

    Support Pip guide here!

    Fix the Pip bugs! There are 40 of them, so can we fix them please?

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    I mostly agree with your suggestions, but i think that the healing nerfs and sustain buffs aren't that balanced out. I think Ying would be fine if you dont touch her healing, but Grover's damage and Pips LMB buffs are a bit too much. I dont think combat medic should be in base kit at all. I think you forgot to mention ferocity.

    I don't think grohk should be touched. He's a really good damage support and eh when he goes full healing, if you mess with him it's going to effect his overall feel a lot. Damba too, he's one of the most balanced champions in the game so i think he should be left as is. A simple HP buff should be fine for him.
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    Supports are a very wierd bunch to balance.

    Not only do you have to balence the effectiveness of their team recovery methods, you have to understand what value certain abilities provide and balence them as well.
    There has to be a general theisis on the perfomance levels of these champions utility as a whole.

    Supports do a bit of everything in most cases.
    How do you balence that...

    I know for a fact that supports are meant to come with the games best escape/chase dynamics.

    Gotta say jenos came with a mobility that needed to favour jump height and air control by default over speed to match the escape options of other characters in his class, jenos would benefit being able to get to higber terrain by default without as much card investment making the ability a tad more useful after the nerf.

    Furia was dealt with the worst mobility out of the lot of them, something that favoured her more as a duelist, over a realiable team support, but to make up for it they gave her a psudo powerful heal mechanic with a gimmicky catch system... honestly furia was rushed... infact most of them were... Furia's beam is good but half baked, her ult and mobility need a good look at, mobility needs more options.

    Supports that I favour can act as damage suppressors by default without talents, if grover and ying had access to their attack talent features then they would have more priority to attack and contribute to fighting to make an impact. Jenos ought to get a wepon attack damage mechanic by default to make his smg more interesting and unique to fire, on top of that his weapon and attack talent should at least assist his suppression damage. Supports should not feel like a closet shut in to play.

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    @ayydimitri "honestly furia was rushed... infact most of them were.."

    The worst part is how long it takes for the devs to make another support only to make them into a healbot.

    Ying,Seris,Jenos, and Solar Blessing the champion.

    hopefully Io won't be like that.

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