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Thread: Customizable champion portrait

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    Customizable champion portrait

    Okay, even if I quit the game I'm still active on forums.
    I'm going to return next patch, when androxus and lex will have their old weapons back!
    For now I suggest this nice feature.
    I think we should be able to customize our champion's portait near the HP bar.
    So... except the default one , the one with blue blackground , we should be able to swap to a "beta" one, the one with white background.
    So add a beta portrait for every PRE OB62 champion (beta portrait should be available only for beta players)
    I would use the beta lex for sure because the actual one has a deformed face lol, but I won't never swap to beta evie because she was so ugly!
    Add also a portrait for skin owners.
    Example: if I'm using troublemaker skin I should be able to swap to a troublemaker portrait or keep the default/beta one.
    Don't add too many portraits tho, add a portrait only for old epic skins (basically the first 2 epic skins that a champion received should also get a portrait, 1 only for recent champions like koga or dredge)
    Add a customizable portrait for recolors and uncommon/rare skins(like alley cat , bravado, cangaceiro)

    Please add old recolors back and a part and pieces system only for simple design skins so we can make awesome combinations.
    I mean... epic detailed skins should be only 1 piece but it would be awesome to combine head and body with simple skins.

    Don't forget that if grohk will receive a beta portrait he should also receive a beta skin, he has only beta staff but no skin.
    Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this suggestion

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    And Viktor's pre OB70 portrait or pre OB62 portrait aswell maybe.

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