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    Support Forum info/guidelines/common questions and solutions

    Greetings and welcome to the Paladins Help and Support forums!

    This forum exists as a way for players to get another method of support in resolving technical issues. While Hi-Rez monitors these forums closely, it's not always possible for them to respond to every thread. The best way to get official HiRez support is by sending in a support ticket. Don't be afraid to jump in and assist another user if you have had experience with a similar issue or have the technical aptitude to help!

    Are you in the right place?

    If you need to contact HiRez official support, please open a ticket here.

    If you're submitting a bug report, please post it in the bug reporting section.

    If you have feedback/suggestions for the game, please post that in the various feedback sections.

    A few things to try before creating a thread:

    1) Use the search feature and see if anyone else has had the same issue.

    2) Check the Knowledge Base for solutions to common problems

    3) Ask yourself if this is an issue that will be able to be resolved over the forums. If in doubt, send in a support ticket.

    NOTE: Please understand some more complex issues may require a lot of information that you may not want to post out in public. This includes computer logs, financial information, account information, and so on. If you feel you have a very complex issue we implore you to create a support ticket.

    NOTE: We can not handle Payment/Suspension/Ban related issues over these forums. Please send in a support ticket for related issues.

    Etiquette in the support lounge

    The Forum Code of Conduct still applies to the support/help forum.

    When you make a thread, please avoid using non-descriptive titles such as: "HELP!!!" Help me please!!!" "Problem!!!"

    To better assist you, use a descriptive title that includes your problem.

    Your issue is unique! Please do not hijack another users thread with your own problem. Create your own thread.

    Common Questions + Solutions

    *Note: Please see this post for a list of common technical issues* -Yes I'm aware that this links to the Smite forums, it's still a useful post and most of it still applies to Paladins since they use the same Engine

    Based on the volume of certain questions we get in here, this is a short list of some of the most common ones. Special cases do exist, so regardless of the info below, feel free to send in a support case requesting more information.

    Q: I got a deserter penalty for (insert reason here). Can I get this removed?
    A: Unfortunately, the deserter penalty uses an automated system so our support team can not remove the penalty. More on the deserter penalty.

    Q: I bought Crystals on the wrong account of mine. Can you transfer these Crystals to my main account?
    A: As long as the Crystals have not been spent, they can do this. Please send in a support ticket.

    Q: I bought the Founders/Champion Pack on the wrong account of mine. Can you transfer it to my main account?
    A: Generally they will be able to do this. Please send in a support ticket.

    Q: I bought this Champion and do not like it, can I have a refund?
    A They currently do not offer refunds for in game purchases. You can read the refund policy here.

    Q: I was suspended/banned for 'x' reason. Can I have it removed? Why did this happen?
    A: It's highly unlikely a suspension/ban will be removed. HiRez checks all reports made against a player and verify them for accuracy. If you feel the suspension/ban was made in error or want to know the exact reason: Send in a support ticket.

    Q: I want to report this player for hacking/feeding/breaking the rules.
    A: Send in a support ticket or use the report feature in game.

    Q: I logged into my account and all my Champions/Chests/Gold/Skins are gone!
    A: You're logging into the incorrect HiRez account. HiRez does not reset players accounts nor remove items from them. Please keep in mind you use your account name to login to Paladins, not your player name. These two names are generally different if you made them as such. Please send in a support ticket for this issue.

    Q: I bought Crystals/Founders/Champion pack and still don't have them.
    A: Send in a support ticket.

    Q: I sent in a support ticket 7 days ago and still haven't got a response!
    A: Hi-Rez strives to respond to all tickets quickly and accurately. If you're positive you have not gotten a response in a reasonable amount of time please send me a private message and I will look into the issue.

    Q: Why am I getting a Version Mismatch error
    A: If you're getting a "version mismatch" error this means your game files are out of date and need to be updated.

    First thing to do is simply restart Paladins and run it as Admin manually. To do this right click the Paladins icon and select " run as administrator "

    If that does not work, try restarting the HiRez service manually:

    Go to start -> Run -> type 'Services.msc' and hit enter.

    This will show a list of your system's services. Scroll down to 'Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service'. Right click that and select Restart if it's running, or If it's stopped, select Start. Also make sure that it's startup type is "automatic".

    If this also fails, please disable any antivirus software you have and your firewall temporarily. Then try the steps above once more.

    As a last ditch effort feel free to send in a support ticket so Hi-Rez can check your patcher logs. You may end up having some more complicated issues that they would need to investigate. More often than not though, the issue is a simple fix as listed above.
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