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Thread: Future's End Pack DLC Problem

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    Future's End Pack DLC Problem

    to the point, i'm buying Future's End Pack DLC via steam because i can't buy it in the game "you can't buy this item in your region".

    the Future's End Pack are in my dlc installed list, but i can't find all of the skin in the game. i already sent support ticket before. but who knows? Sad that i spent a lot of money in this game and sometimes i realize i just buying a lot stupid skins which is equivalent to 2 overwatch legendary pass. but this time is the last time, IF this problem not solved. don't get me wrong this is not a threat, only a deep sense of disappointment. after the policy "you can't buy this item in your region".

    i hope your game can grow more bigger, so you can overcome any problem before its too late.

    i play paladins since androxus rmb skill still shot 3 bullets.

    I have submitted a refund to Steam Support and they have just received my refund request. so anyone who is authorized in this forum can close my thread. the problem is finished.

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