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Thread: How to play as Maeve?

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    How to play as Maeve?

    Hello,level 83 player here.I consider myself as new cause im pretty bad.I main maeve and im at level 42( i have battle pass) and i wish to know how do you play her exactly.I only play casual for now.I usually use cat burglar unless enemy has 2 tanks I rush behind the enemy team give 2 hits and a pounce and the enemy is dead then i use nine lives to escape.Sometimes when my team is good i can make like 30 kills when teammates have 10 and sometimes im trash and cant do anything.I noticed that im stealing kills more than making kills myself or most of my kills are when enemies are distracted.When my team cannot capture the point and enemies are there,i feel useless cause i can't do anything.If i rush on them and try to kill one i usually die.On these cases staying behind backline and trying to snipe with 400 dmg is useless as they get insta healed by healer.I also have difficulty flanking the healers in some matches as he is often surrounded by his teammates.Jenos with void grip or furia stun pillar followed by agony seris is also a hell.

    I have no idea if i play maeve well or bad and there is no viable way to check.But i feel i have an effect on the match when i manage to kill one or two enemies in the backline it can give my team a huge advantage.
    I usually buy nimble followed by kill to heal and haven.I checked guides but most of them are outdated.

    First what items do you buy and why?
    How do you play her?
    What to do in a one vs big number situation?
    How to kill a protected healer?
    How to viably check performance?( i have lot of steal kills)

    When i go kill someone often i will reduce him to 1 hp before his teammates come to support him.
    If i run away i wasted time cause i did nothing impactful on the match.

    I die often help?
    I often play at 200-300 ping by the way.Cant do anything for this.But i am often best flanker on casual matches so i manage.

    Perhaps you are gonna say she is trash,bad at ranked,i am trash,i cant play her etc.... But i like her assassin play style so it does not matter.Any good videos perhaps?
    But please not outdated things

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    Which items: Caut always when they have a healer, best item in the game, helps to secure kills, shut down any life rip, self healing in the loadout. After Caut maybe Kill to heal, or haven, depends on the situation. Resil if they have much CC. But it really depends on the enemy team comp, but generally always Caut first. Nimble may be a good idea too, but speed becomes less impactful the better your opponents' aim becomes, so from the yellow collumn maybe grabbing chronos 1, cuz her cooldowns are longish, but always prioritize getting Caut.
    How to play her: You don't necessarily have to flank all the time. If the enemy team is grouped up you obviously can't just dive and kill someone. In this case just poke them from mid-range so you can easily escape if they get aggro on you. Focus the squishier champions, try to make them low health and force them to get distracted from your other teammates. Only dive to get kills when you see that someone is low and the enemies are distracted or isolated from their team. Obviously don't dive when your entire team is dead and all 5 enemies are standing together. What is so good about Maeve is that she isn't committed to close range, she can operate on mid to range too if flanking is impossible.
    What to do in a one vs big number situation?
    Get outta there. You can't just 1v3 or 1v5 in Paladins, it's just not possible. Wait for your teammates to come and only then do something.
    How to kill a protected healer?
    Your team needs to put in work too. Your frontline needs to create space for your DPSes, They need to put pressure on the enemies and distract the enemy frontline so they won't notice that you are assaulting the healer. Even if someone came to protect the healer, you still did something useful by distracting someone from the enemy team who had to waste his time on you. But you can't just kill a healer by force, your team needs to put in work too, and distracting an enemy who has to protect the healer is as valuable as killing the healer.
    How to viably check performance?
    If you get kills, great, if not, still you can be useful as Maeve by as I said just poking from mid-range or just assaulting the healer/sniper so enemy team gets distracted on you. If the enemy team coordinates well and always helps each other when you attack someone, you obviously can't expect to get 30 kills every game, just poke and distract them, but don't just dive into 3 people.
    If you run away you didn't waste anything cuz you distracted the enemy team plus if you get out alive they'll have to worry cuz you're still somewhere out there and you wasted their time and attention. That's as valuable as getting kills.

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    schachmaty covered a lot of it. I might have duped some of it.

    BTW, it's 800 per shot - two daggers get thrown with a tiny delay between them.

    Almost everything I wrote is not specific to Maeve.

    Flanks for the most part are supposed to be finishing the kills.

    What you are calling stealing kills is actually your basic job - don't feel guilty - it's a team effort. Other than Willo's voice line saying ("that kill was mine") I've never seen an actual person complain that a kill was stolen.

    Basically your damages and tanks do the heavy lifting by constantly hurting the enemy and making them take cover. You go after the injured and finish what they started. You can also poke at the enemy from a distance to take them down to a doable finish kill. Maeve's weapon accuracy is quite good (at least on PC) so poking is easy.

    On top of that, you should make the supports and damages your first priority. Basically ask yourself what will make the enemy fall apart the fastest and try to do that. Just making enemies take cover can be enough.

    "First what items do you buy and why?"
    Almost every time I get cauterize first. The self healing and the ability of the support to heal them is reduced significantly. Even if I don't get the kill, I've hurt the enemy. Another teammate will have an easier time to finish the job if done before the cauterize wears off. It's also likely that enemy will stay out of combat longer waiting to re-heal or get healed.

    "How to viably check performance?"
    The stats, best X are fun and all to look at but in the end it's the win rate that matters.
    All it takes is one important kill (or distraction) at the right time to turn a match.
    The worst is when I get top X and POTG yet still I lost.

    "If i run away i wasted time cause i did nothing impactful on the match."
    You created distraction. If that's all you can do so be it. If your team has half a brain they can take advantage of any distraction you cause. It's not wasted effort.

    "I die often help?"
    Retreat more often, be more aware. Look at your loadouts. Maeve has damage reduction, self healing and health cards. Maybe adjust them a bit. The ping you mention isn't helping - you will need to retreat sooner than normal.

    "200-300 ping" - that's rough. I've experimented with this recently and found I can handle a ping up to about 175 before I start having noticeable aiming issues. What's the reason you can't improve that? If you are on WiFi, go wired. try another server region. It it's just your location or internet, ugggg.

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    Maeve Guide

    Hope this helps
    I write guides at : feel to give a critique on it.

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