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Thread: No reasson ban

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    No reasson ban

    Good afternoon.

    I download the last patch, buy the new battle pass, enter to play ranked and to enter the game, I disconnected and now says "BLOCKED ACCOUNT"

    Could you help please?
    I'm not a flamer, I never use any kind of trap, I do not find any reason to ban


    Sorry for my bad english

    Buenas tardes.

    Descargue el último parche, compre el nuevo pase de batalla, entre a jugar clasificatoria y al ingresar a la partida, me desconecto y ahora me dice "CUENTA BLOQUEADA"

    ¿Podrías ayudar por favor?
    No soy flamer, jamas usa ningun tipo de trampa, no encuentro ningun motivo al ban


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    We do not handle account bans on the forums. Please submit a support ticket at instead.

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