With the coming of the new patch, the whole sound system in the game has changed drastically. Some report announcers being extremely silent whilst others like me, have announcers literally tearing into my earbuds. Ultimate effect sounds are more louder then the ultimate voicelines themselves i.e Androxus and some skins do not even play their VGS audio i.e Wikerman Damba(Perhaps). Some VGS lines such as that of streetstyle skye are played incorrectly(have even made a thread regarding it before) and most notably, the new steel forge skin(havent tested imani) sounds echo to the enemy i.e barik shooting, androxus shooting whilst their respective steelforge skins equipped which is not only irritating but can also distract people from the fight. Terrible execution. Music packs also stop midway during a fight, start midway or dont even play the correct audio it is supposed to(equipped the street pop one but the default played). Overall, the audio is broken and needs to be fixed asap.