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Thread: PS4 Constant Crashing

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    PS4 Constant Crashing

    Game loves to crash at any point. On the main menu, loading into a lobby or even at any point during a match. Not only is it annoying but I get deserter penalties.

    Error Code: CE-34878-0

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    I play on PlayStation 4 and rarely have had a freeze or crash. Maybe a total of six times since I started playing during beta. Four of thoise ti es I've been able to quit and then rejoin the match.

    Question: Is your console using wifi or is it hardwired? I am harwired.
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    I have a wired connection.

    I've yet to see if I can rejoin a match. The crash is either near the end of a match so I can't join back in time or it happens during champion selection. Doesn't help that i'm trying to complete the battle pass challenges.

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