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Thread: Champion Concept: Salas - The Grave Robber

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    Champion Concept: Salas - The Grave Robber

    Had this rocking in my head for a bit, may still have some kinks in it but I like what I did for this concept.

    Salas is an enigma, while many has theories as to what he is and what his goals are, there never feels like there is a right answer to this disturbing gentleman. The (presumed) Orc has made an infamous name for himself with his peculiar grave robbing, and despite the shovel he always carries somehow never leaves a trace that he has defiled many burials. Knowledge on what he does to the many bodies he has taken are unknown but the claims he makes are unnerving. Many attempts to bring him to justice have failed, and attempts to assassinate him have been fruitless.

    Whatever the case is, sightings of him have disturbing increased as the constant war continues. And some soldiers have made claims that he has helped both the Magistrate and the Paladins, likely to extend the war for as long as possible and increase the casualties. For no matter what the outcome of this battle ends, he will end up making a profit.

    "First I'll take your soul, and then I'll take the rest of you."

    Role: Frontliner
    Health: 3500

    Weapon: Damned Sphere - Siphon the soul of the nearest opponent near you. Dealing 50 direct damage every 0.1 seconds
    Ammo: Overheat (Can be fired for up to 5 seconds)
    Reload Time: 4 seconds
    Range: Short (Locks onto nearest enemy)

    Alt-Fire: Death Defier - Begin Absorbing 30% of all incoming damage for 4 seconds, afterwards heal for half of the damage absorbed over the course of 5 seconds
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    Talent - Unflinching Body: Havested Ghoul gain the damage absorption of Death Defier and you now heals for all damage absorbed.

    Q: Harvested Ghouls - Strike the earth and summon a Ghoul to aid you in battle, Ghouls have 1000 health, lunge at the first enemy they see, deal 200 direct damage in a melee swipe, and lasts for 10 seconds. You can have up to 5 ghouls summoned at once.
    Deploy Time: 1.2 second
    Cooldown: 5 seconds (3 charges)

    Talent - Army of the Dead: Harvested Ghoul cooldown is increased by 10 seconds and has no charges, but you now summon the maximum amount of ghouls at once.

    F: Self Burial - Burrow underground, only to spring up in a selected area or after 3 seconds, all enemies near you upon arising will be knocked back and take 300 direct damage.
    Cooldown: 8 seconds

    Talent - Rotten Posse: Summon a Ghoul for every enemy champion you hit with Self Burial

    Ultimate: Vortex of Souls - Create a Vortex on the ground that cripples enemies caught in it and pulls them towards the center, dealing 100 damage every 0.25 seconds for 4 seconds. Enemies that die while in the vortex will leave behind a ghoul when it closes.
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    I got the Feaster Bunny into SMITE, let's see what I'll somehow manage into Paladins...

    Also here's my list of Champion Concepts and whatnot, take a gander and just go to Trainmageddon

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    The weapon is exactly 2/3 of Grohks lighting staff(75 damage every 0.1s (for 5s))Maybe a different kind of weapon is a good idea?

    The Army of the Dead talent is way too strong. Spawning 5000 hp divided over 5 different Ghouls is almost impossible to kill for some champions when up close. Maybe the hp of a Ghoul is too much? 600 sounds better. Then you could make a card:
    Strong Breakfast:
    Increase the health of Ghouls by 50/100/150/200/250.
    Even then I would increase the cooldown to 12-14s instead of 10s

    Or just delete the talent. New talent idea:
    Reverse Doctor:
    Your weapon now heals Ghouls.
    (50 health every 0.1s)
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