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Thread: Hi-Rez Account Link

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    Hi-Rez Account Link

    Not too sure where to put this so I'll just leave it here. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section! Also bear with me because this is gonna be kind of confusing~
    So, I had two different accounts on my ps4 when I started playing Paladins and I linked the wrong one to my Hi-Rez account. I ended up linking my twitch and Mixer as well and didn't notice anything until I realized my mixer points were going to the wrong profile. I've tried unlinking everything but it just automatically reconnects to the wrong profile again.
    I was wondering if I deleted my Hi-Rez would that wipe my progress on my ps4? I was thinking of deleting it and re-linking with a new one if that would work or is it a one and done type of deal?
    Yea...i'm confused too but any help would be appreciated XD

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    im no expert, but here it goes... my best advice is to submit a support ticket, if no one replies (its happened to me often) i would try and make a new hi rez account and link that one to your main account (assuming nothing is linked to it already) hope that helps, good luck!
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