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Thread: Paladins Freeze and Not Responding

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    Angry Paladins Freeze and Not Responding

    I keep seeing post that talk about game Freeze and It seems that I am not the only one. I get even worse, My game Freeze before enter the Menu which happen for a week and I can not fix it even if I ask with support ticket.

    And when i did got support from technician team, all i got was SFC scannow which I already tell them that it wasn't working but I was shocked of how stupid the next reply was, it was still SFC scannow ( must be a bot ).

    I Will tell you the problem. I started the game with EAC screen then 2 minutes later ( very long time for just opening a game ), Paladins started and it freeze just like that.

    And please Borvik, stop reply with sending support ticket. They are not even helping me personally and just let Bot do the jobs.

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    We can not help you more than the support team can. The support team consists of real people. Did you mention in your second ticket that their proposed fix was not working?
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