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Thread: Item system rework 3

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    Arrow Item system rework 3

    Here is the new version of my item kit increasing suggestion. Parasitic Aura, Creaping and Guardian has been reworked, and the balance changes of the current items as well.

    I. Balance changes:

    1; Nerf Resillance: Decrease its effect from 30%/lvl to 25%/lvl
    All of the CCs in the game can be countered realy easily by buy this not so expensive item. 90% resistance just makes they game simplier and makes the CC based talents crap.

    2; Nerf Cauterize: Decrease its effect from 30%/lvl to 25%/lvl
    This item is too effective and popular, it is the obligatory part of each matches. The most used thing in the game ever...

    3; Buff Life Rip: Increase its basic cost from 200 to 250 and its efficiency from 10%/lvl to 15%/lvl.
    It effects when you hit someone. This time you can get hits as well. Enemy hits usually effects with cauterize, what completly destroys its bonus. Kill to Heal gives similar amount of heal, but we often isn't affected by cauterize when we get the elim, this is why it's much better than Life Rip.

    4; Buff Veteran: Increase its bonus from 4%/lvl to 6%/lvl.
    This is one of the most lease used item in the game. It gives you bonus only when you do not attack for a while. When you decided to go to hide and the enemies didn't find you, its some sec time saving is nothing. Ally heals are realy high in the game, most you have to wait much less for reach the full health again...

    II. Reclassifications:

    1; First of all Illuminate is not a defense item: this is also good for serach and attack stealthed enemies. This should be a Utility item! Utility items increase your basic skills. See the stealthed enemies is a basic skill too, Illuminate just increases the range.
    So the new Utility item is Illuminate. (Illuminate: Defense -> Utility)

    2; Deft Hands bonus is rather a Utility item, instead of an attacker item. It no gives any defence counter or damage bonus, just increase the efficiency one of your basic skill like any other Utility items.
    So the new Utility item is Deft Hands. (Deft hands: Attack -> Utility)

    III. New items:

    1; Defense items:

    -Guardian: You defend the closest ally whom in your sight of vision. When the defended one recieves damage, it's reducing by 15%/lvl (damage reduction), but you recieve its 10%/lvl (but don't recieve the shots effects like caut or freez). Basic cost: 250
    It is hard to use and incites players to a solid teamwork. Let the dmg dealers go to the front.

    -Last shield: You gain a 0.5*maxHP selfshield for 4s when you would die. The shield recieve the killer attack's damage. It can activate again after get 6/3/2 eliminations. Basic cost: 400

    -Stone skin: You gain 12%/lvl damage reduction for 4s after getting a kill. Basic cost: 200
    It helps you to deal killstrikes even in asymmetrically combats.

    -Heavy cavalry: You gain 60% reduced damage while riding. You will be dismounted after you lost the 15%/30%/45% of your max health. Basic cost: 200
    Dismounting is an annoying tactic on long maps, what haven't got any counter yet.

    2; Utility item:

    -Creeping: Lvl1: You can not be revealed outside 40 units. It concerns only about reveal, doesn't counter Illuminate. Lvl2: Enemies do not hear you voices and sounds. It also mutes your ultimate, but doesn't mute the sound of the impact of your projectiles! lvl3: If you have sealth skill, it decreases the range at enemies reveal your sealth by 20 units. Else it adds you sealth for 4s when dropping below 25% health. It passes when you attack. Basic cost: 200
    It could be the first item with different bonuses on each level. All of them can be useful in some situations. Revealing is a realy hard thing to play against, and it has got no counter yet. The voiceline bust by so often...

    3; Healing items:

    -Endless march: It regenerates you by 3%/lvl of your max HP per sec below 75% HP. Basic cost: 350

    -Meditation: Increase the efficiency of your self-healing by 25%/lvl. It doesn't effect to the other healing items. Basic cost: 400

    -Parasite: Your weapon shots marks the last attacked enemy for 1.5s. You also gain the 15%/lvl of his/her recieved heal (ally-, and selfheal). The heals what you gain aren't decrease by the heal reducing on the enemies, only because of the heal reducing on you. Basic cost: 300

    4; Attack items:

    -Perfect weapon: You deal 12% more weapon dmg per level on full HP. Basic cost: 350

    -Pulverize: Your weapon shots decrease the enemies' damage reduction against your attacks by (6/14/24)%.
    Its unlinear bonus is because low DR is much more often than high ones.
    Basic cost: 200
    Damage reduction has no counter, this is why this item is important to be an option.

    -Vendetta: You deal 15%/lvl more damage to the enemy who dealt the last kill (of their team). Basic cost: 200

    -Other hand: Increase the damage of your non-piramy attacks by 10%/lvl Basic cost: 300

    IV: More combinations:

    1; Increase the number of the purchasable items to 5.

    2; Increase the basic credits from 400 to 800. It isn't enaught to buy a Cauterize II, but let you combinate much more at the bigining and make the starting item combinations much more complex.

    3; Increase the basic credit generation in siege games from 1/s to 2/s. Siege is the main gamemode and it garants us the lowest credits. More credits needed if the 5th item purchase will be introduced (the bonus 400 basic isn't enaught to upgrade a new item to max lvl at the end of the match).

    V: Item listing:

    1; Defensive items:
    Haven, Blast shield, Resillance, Guardian, Last shield, Stone skin, Heavy cavalry

    2; Utility items:
    Master riding, Nimble, Morale boost, Chronos, Illuminate, Deft hands, Creeping

    3; Healing items:
    Veteran, Rejavunate, Kill to heal, Lifesteal, Endless march, Meditation, Parasite

    4; Attack items:
    Bulldozer, Wrecker, Cauterize, Other hand, Perfect Weapon, Pulverize, Vendetta

    VI. Compatibility balances:

    It certainly needs some other balance changes, like

    1; Lower the ally heals because of the anti-heal nerf. The game depends too much on the heals and their counter, their nerf could open a new era of the non-support and non-Cauterize teams compositions.

    2; Some selfhealer cards/talents like Bucks' Bulk Up will need a nerf. These high value has been added because of the high general heal reducing what will be normalized by this new item system.

    3; There are new damage increaser items (instad of the caut-wrecker combo), so some bonus HP for each champions could be great against the burst dmg slaying. High HP could also makes the heals less effective to fully reload the ally's HP and makes Veteran (what needs buff) even more viable for replacing Rejuvenate in more situations.
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