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Thread: LFG - Battle Pass Challenges

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    LFG - Battle Pass Challenges

    Hey guys!

    I'm struggling with the battle pass challenges like everyone. (200K shielding / 250K dmg & heal / Ash's ult)
    I'm kindly asking for your help I have a lot of free time now so I can help you too with your uncompleted challenges.

    My ingame name: Lajosori
    Region: EU
    Availability: most of the time, i dont have life #sadstory
    You can add me on Steam if you want or just can't find me ingame:

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    Ash is pretty easy. Choose australian or asian server and chances are high that you have 9 bots with you. Choose onslaught and let your bots die. The enemy bots will be in the middle waiting for your ult.

    The 250k is best done with a ranked game. I had it in my second attempt as healing Grover. Almost got 340k. You can also do the shielding in a ranked match pretty easily with Khan or Makoa. Even with bots its possible.
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