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Thread: Better solution than bots

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    Lightbulb Better solution than bots

    Bots are stupid suiciders, all of use hate to play with them.

    I suggest to improve the queue with the following service: If you pick chamion(s) while in queue, you will have chanse to be replaced with a bot of the same champion. You will have equal credits with the most credit owner in your group as compensation for puting into a bad situation. You will start in the base, can pick your own talent, loadout and items as well.

    It could save tons(!) of matches and give the opportunity to save many time just by wouldn't have to wait for the match start.

    If you get into a ranked match with this queue, your loos shouldn't count, only your win, just for don't make to not worth to use it. Rather add a lose to the deserted player!

    The system should save your last picked champions in this kind of queue and add a reset button for clear the picks just for make the champion selection more comfortable.
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    Can you re-write that or explain it a little more? I don't get it.

    Update: Never mind, I get it. This was suggested before. Myself, I would not like to replace a bot in an ongoing match as there might be a good reason why the person went afk - like toxic. Not that it can't work but I'm not sure how many people would be willing to do this.

    I had a previous idea where if a bot appears during a match for whatever reason, players can swap with the bot during the match. For example, a player goes afk. You hit Tab you see a bot symbol next to player x, click it and you become the bot's champion and the bot champion becomes yours.
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