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Thread: The game doesn't start on PC after launching

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    The game doesn't start on PC after launching

    Hi all!

    I faced with the problem and couldn't resolve it for now.
    After starting the game from steam a window with the progress bar appears. When the progress bar reaches 100% the window closes and nothing happens. The game just doesn't run. Not a single warning or error message.
    After some research i found that the game runs when the pc is not connected to the Internet. But when i try to turn connection back on the game just closes. And again without any messages. The log files also didn't contain any information.
    So i think the problem is in connecting to some services (probably, related to authorization). I also tried to turn off windows firewall and antivirus software but that didn't work at all. The problem still remains.

    I would like to know the working solution to this issue, if any. Thanks

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    I had a same problem.Use CCleaner, clear my pc and turn off my gamepad,game working.Sorry for bad english.

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