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Thread: Torvald shield bonus dmg change 30% to 20%

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    Give Torvald 1500 more personel shield

    Change his Q to place 1500 of your personel shield on ally for 3 seconds
    You can click to pull it back

    shield given will always be 1500 even if torvald has no shield left

    Thanks grandpa adds 500 shield to protection that does not come from your personel shield plus 1 second increase
    Left over shiled return on expiration or clicking to return the shield to include the extra 500

    flield study give 60 percent liferip that heals torvald and not the shielded ally

    I think this wouls give him some sustain tk be a real tank and remove that garbage 30 percent damage boost

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    In my opinion the bubble-bot playstyle is no fun as Torv and no fun the play against so it should be removed. Torv was more fun to be played as aggressive support tank before the reduced him into a shield slave. I mean he was my favorite champ once and now I don't play him anymore. He is solely picked because he is effective.

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