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Thread: How ban system works? ban appeal?

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    Question How ban system works? ban appeal?


    I have a few questions about how the ban system works whic I can't find the answers on ban policy page

    are the previously banned accounts taken as a black list, whose reports are read first?

    first of all, I wonder what is the process of banning an account?

    For example, the person reported more than once in the same match is banned without being checked
    even a report causes the match to be checked and made a decision?

    Two days ago I got a message from someone in the game, saying that all of our teammates reported me as a result of losing a ranked game.

    and now my account has been banned for 6 months. 2 days ago I live in this situation I do not know if I have done anything that is forbidden but I still apologized to hi-rez with a ticket.

    Does hi-rez moderators forgive the apologies sent to the banned accounts via ticket, and accept an appeal for ban?


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    this post will be removed very soon I guess since we ain't allowed to talk about banned accounts
    but, you probably were banned from the autoban
    if the ban was human made then you have received an email with the reason for your ban

    then if 9 persons reported you in a match I think it'll ban you, not sure but it happened to me once and i got banned
    the autoban ban people based on the number of reports in a week (that is kinda sure since it came from forum mod)
    all what i say is how i think it work, that might not be exact
    the more bans you have the less report it takes to ban you
    then don't even bother sending a ticket, waste of time, you'll get an answer basically saying you have been banned until xx/xx/xxxx for harrasment OR match griefing (which include leaving afk or feeding)
    yes they can't even tell you the exact reason for your ban
    they won't bother reading what you write, this is the only answer you will get, after this the ticket will be closed

    I suggest you try to write to someone else, ask forum mods for indications

    also there is a heavy chance the autoban went mad since i saw tons of people getting bans

    and last but not least, the autban system is stupid, actual harrasser feeders trolls etc... very often won't get ban while some other people just playing a lot or being unlucky will get ban (I know people insulting players every game, I saw players trolling 5 games in a row, they never got banned)

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    In order to appeal your ban, you are to submit a support ticket in the official page.

    As for everything else, refer to what TangAce said.
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