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Thread: Paladins Patch - "Steel Forged" - PTS Bug Reporting and Investigating Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veremajk View Post
    Total audio buggind, for example in the main menu i still hear spaming sound that apears when you move over some clickable text with mouse. Then even if i don't move with mouse and don't aiming at anything i still hear the spam.

    When opening chest, it's too lound copared to other sounds in game.
    it's not only chest opening. When you play game, the sound is terriable cuz something is lound and something quiet
    My first post here.
    Just updated the game today and have this issue - some sounds are too loud compared to others, such as gunshots, battle team booster activated. And it is not fixed by lowering the in-game sounds or windows sounds. I currently tried 10/100 windows and 10/100 in all audio settings - and it is still too loud to listen to comfortably.

    Really strange issue, I hope I'm not the only one with this problem. Can't play with sound as it is too painful for the ears atm, and annoying when you can't hear ultimate voices/voice lines or music due to the other sounds being too loud.

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    As the Steel Forged Update is now live, please make a new thread to report bugs.

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