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Thread: How many times have any of you reported someone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyOoker View Post
    Missy is much better at putting down thoughts than I am.

    Correct, I'm not condoning reporting for being a newbie.

    On the other hand, I understand the frustration of the players that do report for this. It really needs to be addressed.
    Ah ok, I'm sorry for misinterpreting your post.
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    Now i know why i got 24h suspended. Guess i need to play this game in short bursts to not receive any punishment from frustrated party individuals that doesn't let you leave the game when enemy team stomps you to 0/3 and see how some of the teammates feed.I am glad tho i got a 24h made me forgot about Paladins anger.I usually play for 8+ hours and seems reports staked up.

    Back on the topic on every rank match i see a troll,feed,flamer. Very few matches are normal with normal people and balanced. So my report count is high same as others to me. I usually report people who afk from the start and bot comes into play and he feeds also.People who play as a single support with dmg leg in ranked.People who like to flame people. People who are last pick and suppose to pick a second tank but they pick dps/flank when our tank is ruckus or a weak tank. This works on enemy team also.
    I only received 10 max notifications from cb to now that the players had been dealt with. So the report system is a joke. Even the real reports(flaming the family,get cancer,hope you die flames/private messages) are more than notifications received by player had been dealt with. Hackers,afk,feeders i know it's a much in depth report with statistics yada yada to see if it's true or false, maybe he had a faulty internet and i didn't count those.
    This new auto ban seems to do a bad job for people who play a lot of matches per day or are mediocre at the game or both.But a good one if you count the days without Paladins salt.
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    Add one to my report short list
    I'm the Cassie on the losing team.

    The Ruckus was just standing on the steps just looking around most of the match.
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    In ranked? Almost never.

    In quick play? Probably on average half a player per game. My team, enemy team, there is almost always somebody throwing. Not just bads, bads are fine. People who pick heal and dont heal, people who flame in chat, people who afk, people who grief.

    Quickplay is a complete cesspit. Not worse than this game's main competitor overwatch though, so I aint complaining.

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    I report raging nubs and leavers most of the time. I also get reported a lot by idiots for picking resonance on ying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeSteYiam View Post
    I also get reported a lot by idiots for picking resonance on ying.
    Come here, bro!
    I am just writing a rant on that...
    I've finally found it!

    New to the forum? Have a look >>>here<<<! Some useful answers.

    I'm tired of repeating the same things, watch this: link

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    I've reported a few times in the past year and like with the exception of one so far action has been taken.
    I'm curious if the one that hasn't had action taken yet will because that person is notorious for throwing games in NA if they don't like anything about the match such as picks, the way someone plays, etc.

    I've been threatened with Reports almost every day by some dumbass who doesn't understand what constitutes reporting.
    It's those people who blame someone for their mistakes.

    As an example I picked Cherish Furia in ranked because I hadn't played the newly buffed Cherish.
    Immediately my teammates started to complain but what was hilarious was I had a Barik who constantly broke line of sight from me when he needed healing and pushed up with low health and died and then spammed the "I need Healing".

    Well we lost and they blamed me because of stupid positioning from my tanks.

    It's not really fair to give an assessment of a talent after a single game but I still think Cherish is nowhere near as good as Solar Blessing which I have advocated since Furia's release when Cherish was the go to Talent and still do.

    What I've learned in Ranked:
    - If you're playing Support and your team is losing then you're going to get blamed.
    - If you're playing DPS and your team is losing then you're going to get blamed.
    - If you're playing Frontline and your team is losing then you're going to get blamed.

    Basically you're going to get blamed somehow by somebody and have threats lobbied against you that they are going to Report you.

    If you report for legitimate reasons though chances are that player will have an action taken against them.
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    I really only report people for two things; AFK/bots or disruptive behavior.

    I played a game yesterday where the tank was leaving the capture point to attack the enemy spawn and spamming Need Heals the entire match. My wife never complains about the explosions and gunfire coming from my office, but she came in to ask me what in the world I was doing because the guy was annoying her two rooms down the hallway.

    I used to get reported a lot for cheating with Viktor because I would go 20+ K : D with Cardio. I think people just hated that they couldn't kill me and I refused to stand and fight. I always wondered how many of those actually got checked out. I was never banned for it, but I stopped playing V as much. Still have a 7.5 K : D to this day.

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