Read here for my temporary (maybe, I'l think about it) return. I will admit I MAAAAAAY be twister the lore/canon of the game a bit to help fit this concept better. Also sorry in advance for the wall of text I did for the lore.

Lore: The Abyss has an eternal hunger, it's desires and goals never explicit. Those that have dared to delve into it and lived with their minds in tact have found no true answer. But even the Abyss has had it's fair share of scars, and none have seen it more then one of the eldest of the Abyss Lords; Jerak.

A time long ago, Jerak and other Abyss Lords desired to learn more of the world outside of where they were trapped in. So thoroughly they tried to find some kind of connection until they stumbled upon a village of Ska'drins. There they made a symbiotic pact with some of the worthy members of the tribe. They would gain eyes into the world outside and gain knowledge, meanwhile the chosen Ska'drins would gain abyssal powers without losing their mind or soul, as the first Ska'drin Warlocks where found.

However the scent of Abyssal Magic eventually leads to crusades, and as there was little need for people to hate Ska'Drins before , Ska'Drins with powers of the Abyss only fueled the agenda of hatred and they were brutally hunted down. Only few managed to escape and even fewer of the Abyss Lords bothered to try again with them. However something inside Jerak made him more determined to this connection, and soon found himself going into generations of Ska'Drins and creating a bond with a new Ska'Drin Warlock. This most recent one is a female named Zephi, a young Ska'Drin that wishes to see what the world has to offer but has always been fearful for her life being both a Ska'Drin and with the clash of a civil war going about. However the pact was too generous in her mind to simply refuse, and now she uses her new Warlock gifts to explore the world without fear of being to weak to fight back, and Jerak once again has an eye on the outside to gain information on this very interesting war that his current Warlock mentioned about.

"This world is so much bigger and stranger then I could ever imagine, what about you Jerak?"
"It is... Different then the Abyss."

Role: Damage
Health: 2100

Weapon: Book of Shadows - Channel dark magic through your tome and fire them upon your enemies ever 0.8 seconds dealing 500 direct damage
Range: Medium-Far
Ammo: 8
Reload Speed: 1.2 seconds

Alt-Fire: Eldritch Blast - Fire 4 bolts of magic rapidly, each bolt dealing 200 direct damage. Hitting the same target increases the damage of each bolt by 10%.
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Talent: Overwhelming Power - Eldritch Blast Blast now pierces through the first object it hits, allowing each bolt to hit an additional target.

Q: Sword Burst - Create a ring of phantom swords that surround you for 0.5 seconds before exploding around you, dealing 800 area damage around you
Cooldown: 14 seconds

Talent: Lingering Will - After using Sword Burst, Four Phantom Swords come back to aid you in fighting for 8 seconds, lunging forward whenever you use a basic attack, dealing 100 area damage per sword.

F: Ominous Fog- Transform into mist and dash forward, going through all players and any deployables.
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Talent: Haunting Chill - Enemies you go through with Ominous Fog have their attack speed and damage reduced by 20% for 6 seconds

Ultimate: Abyssal Pact - Summon an Avatar of the Abyssal Lord; Jerak, to aid in battle for up to 15 seconds or until it or Zephi are killed. The Avatar has the following stats:
Knocks back all enemies upon being summoned
8000 Health
500 Melee Cone Swipe Attack Every Second
Absorbs 50% of All Damage Zephi Takes.
Absorbs 50% of All Damage Zephi Takes.