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Thread: Chat on Nintendo Switch

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    Chat on Nintendo Switch

    Currently, console players can plug a keyboard into their console for the ability to type chat messages mid-match. All, except for one console, the Nintendo Switch.

    As a Switch player myself, with currently 750 hours put into this game, I find myself needing to chat and communicate with my teammates mid-match, not just during the drafting process.

    So, why doesn't the Nintendo Switch version support the ability to chat mid-match? I know for a fact that the Switch has keyboard support, because games such as Rocket League let you plug a keyboard in to chat faster. (You can type messages, even without a keyboard).

    Better yet, allow all players regardless of platform, to chat, even without a keyboard, as this would improve game communication.

    To conclude, I would love, along with many others, for the ability to plug a keyboard into the Switch, and be able to communicate to our team. To further this idea, allow all console players to type messages mid-match, regardless of a keyboard.
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    I completely agree

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    It's new. I think it'll just take some time to iron some things out and make it perfect. We've finally gotten what we've wanted for years, so it's progress.

    Hopefully they'll see this issue and make a start to fixing it.
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