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Thread: Suggestion About Final Battle Pass Reward

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    Suggestion About Final Battle Pass Reward

    There are 100 levels total in Paladins Battle Pass, additional 50 levels require exactly the same amount of XP as first 50 and are only available for those who purchase the Battle Pass for 600 crystals. Final reward in current Battle Pass when finally reaching level 100 is... a Spray. Can something please be done about this? Can final reward for finishing all 100 levels be something better? Is 4 skins per Battle Pass too much to ask for?
    I feel like there are just too many bad levels in the Battle Pass with filler items like 2.5k or 5k gold, one XP or Skin Booster... etc. And this wouldn't be that bad if final reward for finishing Battle Pass wasn't also pretty disappointing. I just want something worth grinding for, something that would really make me want to reach that final level and that is definitely not one Spray.

    I feel like Battle Passes in other games offer a lot more, but that's another topic. I just want final reward to be something better, something that deserves to be called "final reward", that's all.
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    Yeah, this battle Pass (in general) was underwhelming, the only reason I grind out 50 extra tiers is for the extra crystals. So yes I agree

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