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Thread: Dimensional Link buff

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    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    IYou just can't accept, that developers read this forum, just your ideas was never realized )) Come on!
    Hint: the official thread, opened by Devs, where you can write 3 questions and they are supposed to answer. Have a look since how long they aren’t writing there ;-)
    Kicsit, I don’t know in which other way to tell you: I am not 15. Maybe you are, so you are extremely focused on this thing, but I have a house, a job, a BF, you know, A LIFE. I am not here crying to sleep while thinking they have read your posts (thing that I simply don’t believe for they aren’t coming here) where you put a suggestion and EVERYONE ELSE SAYS IT’S WRONG. They are still on Reddit and on AoC. The fact you are sharing the random noob ideas has nothing to do with their in-game decision. And, personally, I’d be quite ashamed if in your shoes ^^’

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Write them here, let developers know your awesome ideas.
    I’ve already written in suitable places. But, you know, giving dps back to supports and lowering their healing output is not a shared opinion, for flank mains (vast majority of players, in case you didn’t know) do prefer free kills on supports, while being constantly healed for correcting their own mistakes.
    I’m starting to wonder if you are even playing this game

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Where, pls?
    Read previous quote. I still wonder if you actually read my posts or you simply can’t understand them.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Never before your rude comments. But after yes.
    As said before, “Do you need a handkerchief?”
    In general, I keep seeing your personal attacks, but nothing to contrast what I’ve said about Ying (you know, the supposed topic of this thread). Red part above. I wrote that in red hoping you would have read AT LEAST THAT.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    She got more nerfs than buffs. Got it. But hey, I didn't suggested to nerf her. This thread is about a buff. I just don't agree about undo a nerf. It doesn't mean that I asked for MORE NERFS.
    Ah, holy Math.
    Why you disagree about undoing a nerf never called, unnecessary and that has destroyed her for months. The following buffs were only on healing output (aka: buff for the team, not for her) and have just focused a healing-bot play style, destroying even more the possibilities to go hybrid or dmg. Do you remember what you always proclaim? To be against healing bot and to want supports to go hybrid or dmg?
    You are asking for more nerf. Indirectly, but that would be the result.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Other supporters got harder HP nerfs. Watch Seris or Damba. I don't know its reason, but they still works.
    Seris has the best escape in whole game, she is the most retard champ to use and she was outperforming for long. Damba was dead for long time, if not as HEALING BOT, again, something you proclaimed you don’t like. Coherence, here.
    And, on top of that, SUPPORTS WORK ONLY AS HEALING BOT. Still, the thing you proclaim not to want.
    “Fai pace col cervello”, we say in my country.
    PS: Resonance, that was just “average”, is not bad, after Brittle nerf. And considering I play Resonance (and Ying in general) far more than you, I think my experienced opinion on the topic is more valuable than yours. If I have to wave heals goodbye (getting 40k only) to get not my old 100k dmg, but only a 40k, Resonance IS NOT working good at all. If I wave heals goodbye, my dmg should be far greater. Oh, and I am a very experienced Resonance player. Go, figure, the results of random player.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Personal attack. Does not true. Doesn't constructive. How many degrading facts do you still need to stop this behavior?
    You’ve started. I just answer your posts. Quite boring, by the way, since you seem unable to put some “constructive fight”, you just ignore everything I say, but, hey, my point is not “winning against you”, but let random forum user that comes here to understand why you’re wrong. And since they are reading (something you aren’t doing), my job is done.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    My second main is Ying.
    Darling, I have 103 levels as Ying ONLY ON MAIN ACCOUNT. All on Resonance. Please, don’t use this card with me, you are just making gaffe after gaffe.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Just are writing about your superior logic and my imaginary logic fail all the time and when I write a thing your first reaction is questioning my suitability.
    Actually, I’ve posted the red thing above a total of 3 times and I’m still waiting for a logic answer, you just avoid the whole part. I’ve asked twice (this is the second one) also in this post for an answer to it. Maybe this time you would finally answer?
    Ignoring my answers not to be forced to admit you’re wrong, that’s what you’re doing and that’s what politics do. You’re also projecting here, great.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    I didn't noticed how did you ban Resonance Ying for noobs. Everybody can pick it.
    Oh, my! Seriously? :-D :-D :-D
    1) if I play healing bot, I gain, let’s say, 100% more healing. If I play hybrid or dmg, I wave goodbye 100% more healing, to gain 20% more dmg.
    2) if you aren’t experience on the play style, you are probably gaining just 5%. Read in rage thread, where they were asking how to improve, since with Resonance they can’t get good results. It’s not as easy as healing bot
    3) try to pick Resonance in ranked. And look at your whole team going afk.
    4) general low tier pick only meta things for they are watching streamers.
    You can ignore reality as much as you want, I don’t care. But other reading are not stupid.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    I still don't know why is it idiotic. Could you explain it? Resonance requires more positioning and game sence, Life Exchange requires better aiming and heal management.
    LE requires better positioning, for you have no way to defend yourself. The rest of your time you just play as Seris, pushing all the buttons you have on your mouse. It is very forgiving for the team, since you can put up such big heals, without worrying to prioritize a target over another, or to place clones decently, because you can use RMB to fix your bad clones.
    Resonance requires more positioning? No. Resonance requires the best strategy in whole game, since you must decide who to heal, when, when to shatter, how to place clones, when prioritizing dmg over heals, how to protect teammates, etc, etc, etc It requires perfect timing, perfect cd management, tracing of both allies and enemies, perfect map knowledge, etc, etc, etc. It is a constant request for planning ahead, that’s why I love playing that, my brain is finally doing something. Other champs are simply too easy to use under that point of view.
    Aim… well, considering RMB has big hit box and that, If you press bad, clones are still doing their job, LE is confirmed as brain-dead.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    You REALY HATE LE nad REALY LOVE Resonance
    And yet, I’ve asked just for a nerf on LE output, since it was broken. HiRez (they knew it was broken) nerfed Brittle, instead, that has not only impact on LE, but on everything in Ying’s kit. And that’s a problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Emotions restrict the logical thinking. Turn down them, and try to understand, or at least agree about other players like other talents. This is why champions has more than one talents.
    You are the one making suggestions that will destroy hybrid and dmg play styles, even when proclaiming you want to preserve them, so, that sentence applies to you. Try again.
    Coherence, darling. You can’t write A and not-A in the same page and expect people not to notice it. They are written ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by KicsitCsicska View Post
    Anyways you said developers doesn't read this forum. So why are you debating here?
    As already saying, for random readers. They will come here, read the logic, and I hope they will go to spam on Reddit or AoC, because now they have understood the logic behind the game and not only the pew-pew part of it. ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by missy20201 View Post
    In pro teams this can work well if someone can fall back to recieve healing as they must, but pro is such a tiny amount of the userbase -- most people do not work as coordinated as they do. So you have a support with low damage, low survivability, and decent healing in the early game that just gets worse as she goes.
    Let me add to that, that this play styles is so fucking boring. I was playing Jenos, yesterday, remembering how it was when you could be Flankenos. You must heal, while doing something useful for the team. Now you just have to heal and hide for whole game. Wow, so amusing!

    Quote Originally Posted by missy20201 View Post
    Except now the two of you have both gotten defensive and aren't reading each other's arguments
    As I’ve said in first page: I have no problem in Rewind in basic kit at tier 1 (no more). I’d personally prefer Focusing Lens in base kit (as it was) and the add of another talent that can vary her play style, but I have no problem in Rewind 1 in basic kit.
    My problem is the concept that dim link pre-fire has been nerfed FOR NO REASON, that the nerf has DESTROYED YING FOR MONTHS and the only way they had to put her back into game was to give her many buff on healing (ie: buff to team, not to her), but still, everything not healing-bot is dead.
    Having to waste 5 tiers on a card to fix a stupid nerf that should have never happened is wrong. You can’t force people in wasting 5 points in loadout to fix a wrong nerf.
    But considering how HiRez sees supports lately, I would not be surprised if they would go for destroying everything that’s not healing bot once more.

    Not for they read Kicti’s threads, but just for they read random newbie pew-pew main ones on Reddit.
    I've finally found it!

    New to the forum? Have a look >>>here<<<! Some useful answers.

    I'm tired of repeating the same things, watch this: link

    "It's just Casual/ Go Ranked if you want a decent team/You are low tier, so you're bad." Rage

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    I do wish anyone would come and read the forums from time to time. I don't get why they seem to ignore their official forum?? But people have been asking that question since 2017. I don't see it changing any time soon.

    I think Jenos can still be somewhat aggressive at like the top <1% of play. Or if he's just your main and you've gotten THAT good with him. It's hard to say. Which is too bad tbh. I don't like the "heal and hide" playstyle.
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