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Thread: bad people who trash talk and good enemy who support them(maybe, need feedback)

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    Question bad people who trash talk and good enemy who support them(maybe, need feedback)

    so i ranked as furia and this is statistic

    -Image removed-

    ash shouted whole game heall heal bad support etc
    i heal barely less then there heal ying, and did equal more damage
    there damage did 3 time our team avarage damage and 2 time our top damage
    both tank did bad damage then there, did not caut and aim for tank did little cap time
    ash rush through dead zone either going out of my heal radius or staying in it when i am engaed by behind flank
    damage do not see flank untill i am dieing and ash solo 2 tank while termi thankfully retreat
    now i am balme for lose

    so question is did i do something wrong
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    It depends if the others were doing their job properly too, Furia's beam is also hard to use so I can't really say what you did wrong or if your team did something wrong instead... statistics don't mean much tbh

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    If you're asking for actual gameplay feedback, this is not the format for it. Discussing your loadout, gameplay, maybe a video etc would be better.

    Otherwise, use the rant thread.

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