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Thread: Movement against toxicity

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    Movement against toxicity

    Hello fellow champions

    I have played this game since mid 2017 and I am sure I am not the only one loving Paladins, and I am definatly not the only one who has experienced some toxic team mates every now and then.

    Toxicity is of course not just a Paladins thing, I used to play alot of CS:GO before this , and it is all over the internet. We are all baffled by how weird some people can be, sometimes so upset about something minor (or even a mind ghost) that they ruin their own game and aids/creates the loss he so angerly is trying to blame others for. Often as early as champion selection .

    We all have have our stories about toxic experiences, and I am not here to talk about mine, but instead I am here to open a discussion about what we can actually do about it, contributing with a couple ideas of my own. We can not "solve the internet" here on Paldins forum, I know that, but that does not mean that things cannot be improved.

    Because let's face it, it ruins your game. Paladins are also eager to expand their player base in a very competitive market, and being progressive on an area like this sure hell is inviting and makes people stay.

    I will dump an of my own ideas down here, I would have loved if you could add ideas of your own!


    - Words of wisdom during loading screen. -

    There are a lot of short but strenghtening guidelines that could be delivered during loading screen. Especially the young players who who can't shrug of the toxicity will be strenghten by seeing the stand point of Hi-Rez. I'll give and example:

    Your best champion > low level meta pick ("Picking the champion your are best at will more often lead to victory than picking a low level pick of a currently strong champion.")

    Background: A frequent toxic event is when the toxiceér (or what ever we should call him ) thinks you should have picked an other champion than the one you chose. I, for example, love to play Pip. I have reached lvl 65 with him and know him in and out. The toxiceér rages and thinks I should have picked Evie, because Evie is a strong flank. "Much stronger that stupid Pip" (end quote).

    I mean, yeah Evie is strong, but you also need to play her in a very hard and intence way to make her that strong. Therefor I am lvl 5 with my Evie (and some of those levels could be bought, dont remember). I have others champions that I feel secure playing.

    If I would have complied to his idea, would the team be better of? The toxicity is so self destructive, too bad it hurts the entire team.

    What other loading screens messages do you think could be useful?

    Lets see where this leads , I hereby declare the discussion open

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    I like the plan man. I'll tell you what I'm trying out.

    I'm trying hard to be a plus 2 ambassador for the game.

    This means remembering to be upbeat whenever possible.

    Coaching new players on how to block off comments when they're getting a bit too strong a dose.

    Trying to always lead the charge in leaving a positive comment for the rival team. If we win? We wish them a GG. And point out some strong play that kept us in check for a spell.

    If we lose? Well of course no hard feelings guys. Compliment the win? And make it a positive for downed teammates.

    Look. This is a game. It's meant to be fun. So we've got to keep the focus positive.

    And that takes all of us.


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    I don't have any opinions about your suggestion but I LIKE the way you worded things. So I give you 5 stars!

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    pfff, there will always be toxic people, also some people make it really hard not to be toxic (especially all these meta slaves, and stats slaves)

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    Please don't necro.

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