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Thread: Skye is incredibly OP.

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    how is this thread still going around wtf

    i wont repeat what i've already said, but skye is kinda like koga, if you are careful to where she goes you destroy her, if u let her going free around the map murdering everyone well you'll lose
    even if there are some great skye players outhere, she's just too conterable

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    Quote Originally Posted by squall_seawave View Post
    To be fair makoa always has been the worse matchup for skye but terminus melt skye in seconds victor can scape Vivian flood the paths with bullets and prevent skye to move skye needs a rework desperately when she is strong she dominates but when she is weak is trash
    Skye needs a rework, she is a damage character categorized like "flank".

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    skye is the most easy champ to get counterd if you get illuminate only she need to do is backstab player who got distracted thats the only part shes good at and his a tank killer but to some champ shes just easy target

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    Think all is said.
    Therefore closed.
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