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Thread: Crossplay is a Disaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallachia View Post
    if you have an xbox, you can turn your computer into a xbox console.
    That seems like a lot of effort to go to when you can just launch the game from Steam...... but OK, I get what your saying.

    Here is a little insight on how Xbox players know who they're playing against.

    On the champion select screen, if your playing on Xbox the Xbox logo appears in the bottom right corner of the character portrait. This happens when playing trough Xbox Live, which is what you'd be doing if playing through a virtual console on win10. My issue is not with players with the Xbox logo on their portraits.

    Switch players have a very clean user name. Like 'Tim' or 'Chris' or a name in asian characters. The Xbox is very rare in SEA. Anyway, these players have virtually disappeared since crossplay as they can't compete. I know this because, believe it or not, I have the game installed on Switch as well.

    That used to be the player base and we all had a good time.

    So if you are not playing with a CLEARLY MARKED Xbox player, or 'Tim', you are playing with a PC player. A player who IS NOT using a controller in a CONTROLLER ONLY game, which is the crux of my issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gibber_Chipmunk View Post
    there is at least one known adapter that allows you to play with a mouse and keyboard on console.
    There are some high level players who you're suspicious of on PS4. They will do things like flick 180's and be very good with Cassie, a character that you just never see on console. Honestly, I would only raise my eyebrow about once a week on PS4, and every single game on Xbox.

    But like I said in the previous post, Xbox players on Xbox are clearly marked. There is usually 1 or 2 on a team. The rest can only be PC as a K&M adapter on Switch would be quite ridiculous.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gibber_Chipmunk View Post
    the best thing I could think of to alleviate this is is a better reporting system where complaints are aggressively looked into.
    If I was a freelance games journalist I would be pitching this story to Kotaku for people with the know-how to investigate this further. Hi-Rez have been very public about how they are ready to go with crossplay, but the game on PS4 with CONTROLLER ONLY is a very different game to Xbox with CONTROLLER ONLY. It used to be the same game when I completed the Shadow Lord Mal'damba Battle pass on both systems.

    Fortnite, on the other hand, is a beacon of how crossplay should operate. I've been following it as my son won't get off the game. Their crossplay seems to be rock-solid. Every game is recorded and everyone can view anyone's game from the moment they jump from the bus until the end of their game. If you suspect a 'hacker', as the kids call it, you can clip the video in console and report them, upload to you tube, or do what you want with it. My point being that Epic seems to really value the end users experience, regardless of what console you play it on.

    When crossplay was introduced to Paladins it was broken. You couldn't turn it off. They said they fixed it in the next patch, but I would guess that most of those players never returned to find out. I know I didn't and I bet those on Switch didn't either. Those that did have had to put up with it if they wanted to play the game.

    As a paying customer, I find the CONTROLLER ONLY Xbox experience unacceptable compared to PS4. I would love for someone to investigate just how much CONTROLLER is being used by PC players in CONTROLLER ONLY console crossplay games.
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