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Thread: End Times Quest not working

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    End Times Quest not working

    Hey guys someone fix the end times quest, where you’ll have to use front line, damage, and support.

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    As of logging on today after last night's patch I was hoping that the 3 quests for Frontline, Damage, Support we're going to be fixed and now progressing. Hahahahaha, to my dismay but not my surprise (I mean we are talking about Hi Rez after all) the quests were reverted all to my already completed quests from last week and show they will not now refresh for another 12 days. At this point I can figure to get to the end of the rewards by the time Paladins 2 is released. FML and thanks for the bang up job Hi Rez. You guys are always at the top of your game.... unfortunately....

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    @FerretJockey I am having the same EXACT issue...logged in to see new quests, logged out & relogged in later that day to see my previously COMPLETED week's quest up. Wtf...thiz is so not fair! They did maintenance today & I was hoping this iszue would be one that was fixed but NO LUCK! Smh in disbelief!

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