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Thread: i got free loots from someone and i don't know what to do

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    i got free loots from someone and i don't know what to do

    okay so i was a paladins player from i can't remember the beta days (can't specifically remember) but i did get it on steam when it was in open beta. i played it up until November, 2016 as my board exams were due next Month i stopped and after exams i played for another month or so but suddenly somehow i got my social life back for 2 years and completely stopped playing paladins and any game all together. (as a result i have missed many important titles in the past 2 years). i used to login to my paladins account every 6/7 months to check some stuff and maybe played a match here and there. well a few weeks ago our school ended. with that ended my social life. i started playing paladins 2 days ago for at least 8am - 12:30am (more than twelve hours) (with some breaks ranging from 5 minute YouTube video to 30 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks). but on the third date i got like 900 crystals, 900k gold and I do not know what to do.
    i do not know if some guy gave me this (i have many upper level friends whom i friended when they were lower leveled)
    i do not know if hirez gave me it for coming back or for the you copyrighted lex emotes for crystals and i read something about people getting free coins for ob64 fiasco idk the details. (i used to always update my game as steam would be typically run in background i talked to some of friends on social media)
    or did some random hacker hacked into hi rez database and gave me this, i do not know what to do.
    should or should i not spend it ?

    everything i did in the last 3 days got reset

    my levels
    the characters which i made my go from 0 to lvl 12
    and my battle pass exp

    so i think this is why they did it
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