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Thread: (XBOX) LF Casual Queue Companion(s)

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    (XBOX) LF Casual Queue Companion(s)

    Hi All,

    I'm making this post because I'm looking for some folks that would like to play together mostly in casual. I'm 38 with kids and would like to play with some like minded people. I've been playing since the PC open beta. I don't remember exactly when but Cassie had a bow back then.

    I used to have a group to play with, but they stopped playing a little over a year ago. I'm a front line main and made it to Plat 1 when i played ranked. Shoot me a message on this forum if you would like to group up. I only accept messages on Xbox from my friends list (i got tired of the hate messages from randoms).

    My info:
    GT: BoneChef
    Region: NA
    Time Zone: Pacific

    Champions (I stink at damage & flank, buti've put a few there too):

    Front Line: Fernando, Ash, Barick, Kahn, Ruckus, Torvald
    Support: Jenos, Ying, Seris, Grohk
    Damage: Vivian, Tyra
    Flank: Evie
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