Hello everyone,

My name is Dan (IGN: Danslov). I'm 29 years old from USA (Eastern Time). I've been playing this game on and off since open beta - October 2016. I would consider myself a healer or tank main, but can generally play all roles decently.

I'm looking to join, or help create a group of 'above average' players in the NA region on PC for casuals, customs, scrims, etc. The main goals are: to have fun, practice, get better, and win! Also, if we get more serious, we could consider e-sports as an option.

Here are some of the traits that I'm looking for:
  • Nice person
  • Mostly mature
  • Above average skills in Paladins (don't have to be super great)
  • Has good team communication (with mic)
  • Able to give and take constructive criticism
  • Willing to take the extra time to practice to get better
  • Non-toxic (BM, feeding, raging, rage-quitting, spraying and emoting on others, talking trash, etc.)

The times and dates for play and all the little details will have to be figured out later -just have to see how well we all mesh together.

If any group or individual is interested and fit the criteria above, please contact me:

Discord: Danslov #0842

Thanks for reading. : )