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Thread: Repost "useless changes that ruined paladins". We need a better meta

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    Repost "useless changes that ruined paladins". We need a better meta

    useless changes that ruined paladins
    It's been a long time since the release of the OB53 / OB54 (which I think has ruined the paladins, turning it into a boring game, not skill based, where you die very easily in a short time)
    and yet many people, including myself, hate those changes that made paladins boring and not competitive.

    After ob54, hi rez has made other useless changes: mobility nerfs, projectile speed buffs, HP nerfs and damage buffs.
    it seems that the goal of hi rez was to make paladins more like overwatch? (they did it lmao) But apparently their goal was to simplify the gameplay to console players. Follow and target some mobile characters such as evie, androxus, bombking, drogoz and meave was very difficult for those who play with controllers. This problem could be solved simply by balancing consoles and PCs separately ... instead now there is the crossplay, which has fucked all my hopes for a return of pre ob53 meta ...
    why would it be appropriate to return to a pre ob53 meta?
    " The new meta is just not as sustain oriented as old one. If they Remove bullshits like semiauto weapons and return the mobility back, also reverting the projectile speed buffs, the HP nerfs and giving back the definition of flank class to flank (Champions that chase and confirm kills on low hp targets thanks to their burst, and then get out of there; instead of the current: Champions that can melt everything in less than two seconds cause they have a mixed high burst, high spammable rate of fire and can kill a makoa in 1v1 without even being in danger) maybe, the game would become fun again"

    cit a guy I found on youtube.

    I made a thread called "Ultimate *ANTI BURST* flank reworks and changes" where I explain what mobility nerfs should be reverted... but that thread is not "complete".
    So I suggest going to youtube and looking for the last post of hyuga,in the community section... there is a google forms document to fill out. I think the changes proposed by him are good!

    There are still some changes that I forgot to mention:

    all projectile speed changes that should be reverted are:

    -cassie arrows speed 600 --> 500
    -mal d'amba projectile speed 240 --> 180
    -drogoz rockets speed (idk how much)
    -grover ax speed 350 --> 230
    -meave projectile speed and size 400 --> 260 and size decreased by 16%
    -pip potion speed 300 --> 250
    -zhin projectile speed for the first two hits 300 --> 240
    -seris projectiles speed 150 --> 70
    -willo projectile speed 300 --> 250
    -makoa projectile speed 250 --> 185
    -evie ice projectile speed 200 --> 100

    obviously these changes are NOT NERFS! they are associated with mobility buffs, HP buffs, dmg buffs ,BONUS dmg buffs and talent changes.
    for example: meave dagger dmg 400 --> 450
    evie dmg 850 --> 900 and added bonus dmg after blink
    cassie dmg 680 --> 620 but infinite roll added in exaction talent ( see hyuga post)

    all HP nerfs that should be reverted are

    drogoz HP 2200 --> 2300 (after thrust vertical speed buff, moviment speed buff and projectile speed nerf)
    jenos HP 2200 --> 2600
    damba HP 220 --> 2650
    grover HP 2300 --> 3000
    grohk HP 2400 --> 2600
    pip HP 2200 --> 2500
    seris HP 2200 --> 2600
    ying HP 2200 --> 2350

    (tell me if I forgot something)

    obviously these changes are NOT GAMEBREAKING! they are associated with healing nerfs, ability and talent reworks, dmg nerf/ buff, mobility buff, projectile speed nerfs.

    another thing.
    revert all reworks to androxus, lex, torvald

    aoc said that andro and lex will receive a talent rework (maybe cursed cylinder and death hastens) that gives them their old weapons back ( fire rate, dmg and accuracy).. but they will still have semiauto fire.
    idk why they will keep staying semiauto but some players prefer automatic feeling (HOLD lmb) instead of semiauto feeling (spam lmb). Pls make an option to the settings for andro and lex that can switch fire mode to semiauto in automatic.
    I already talked about old andro defiance buff in my old thread, go check it out

    torvald wasn't a melee. Aoc said that old torvald won't return because he was pretty much a melee character and he was very difficult to balance.
    lmao what a bad excuse.

    torvald had a decent range and good dmg (also he was very easy to aim) also...there are 2 tanks thta are very similar to the old torvald : terminus and fernando. They have both a close range primary fire and a long range ability. Torvald old F was close range only but...what if you give it an unlimited range like nando's fireball? I mean... no dmg but CC like cripple or silence.
    Old torvald had a lot of shield ( hp + shield was 10000 I think) but it was easly countered by wrecker ( also... consider the fact that torvald has still HUGE hitboxes)
    What if you give torv more health than shield?
    (Don't forget to nerf the dmg bonus you gain on torvald's shield, its OP)

    what about old buck? Personally I liked a lot the old buck mechanics, he was an original flanker with high HP and self sustain and low dmg.
    But now we have another boring bursty flanker with a spammy ult.
    I don't main buck and Idk if old buck was viable ( I mean viable in old meta , not right now) ... if not find a good way to balance him, give buck a chance, he was a really special flank!

    I have not finished yet :P


    old maps and old graphics.
    they were much more realistic and shiny, what happened?
    Performance problems?

    revert all changes to frog isle, jaguar falls, timber mill, ice mines and frozen guard.
    add more trees, foliage bring back old textures and lighting.
    Make some spots like frog's head accessible.
    Add old stealth bushes in frozen guard, ice mines and timber mill (put them in other maps too maybe in specific positions...a lot of great strategies could be made with stealth bushes)
    Fix heavy and invisible walls, they are very annoying for flying champions


    make mounts faster like they used to be.
    right now it is very frustating to reach point or enemy base with horses, the only way to do that quickly is buying master riding.

    Stop making futuristic and robot skins to champions and mounts, change concept.
    Also... fix hitboxes to every character and skin, so we can have old accessories and customization system back without problems. It was very nice to combine recolors (bring back old recolors too xd) and epic skins, pls hi rez.

    that's all!

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