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Thread: My hearty advice to the Team

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    Lightbulb My hearty advice to the Team

    Hello team,

    I have been playing your game for about two years now. I have really enjoyed it. It is one of the best ideas for an FPS out there. I have sticked with you through it all, cheering and rooting for you when everyone was saying bad things about you.

    I have stuck with you through Essence and VIP points. I have bought skins and various boosters. I purchased the Founder's Pack way back. I have bought a lot of crystals from you. I have reported bugs and tested the game on PTS.

    I have mained Mal'damba since his release in OB30-something, can't really remember that far back.

    I have made up excuses for OB64, so I could explain to myself why would you turn Paladins into a pay2win game, and posted on every social media "RIP OB64" when you took it down.

    I love this game so much, guys, that is why my advice to the developing team is to sell Paladins to the highest bidder, so they can continue what you so curagiously began, but, for whatever reason, can't seem to take a hold of, and finish.

    I would gladly pay $50 bucks for a bug-free and balanced Paladins any day, over a free2play buggy and frustrating one that it currently is, which pains me to even write.

    I do hope you don't take this as criticism by any means. What you made is a beautiful and imaginative game, which is nearing a state of un-playability for many of your hardcore fans. Be brave and admit you don't have the means to fix Paladins, and give it to someone who can. If you can, hire a studio who can recode the whole game altogether, preferably in Unreal Engine 4.

    I wish you guys all the best, and I hope you don't take this thread down. However, if you decide to do so, that would only confirm that you saw it, so maybe someone there can get an idea or two from this message.

    I really wish you guys all the best out there in the entertainment industry, it's tough...

    Kindest regards,
    A Wishful Thinker

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    Holy words my friend

    I hope in real improvements this time. Stop with the promises, we want to see results.

    I love Paladins, but I hate all these bugs and the various issues that afflict the game from a long time.
    Moreover, I would like to see UI improvements, champion stats and new features.
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    You echo the thoughts of a lot of us gamers these days. And that's not Paladins specific. It's sad really, more than likely who you're pleading with isnt the game developers at all, but rather people that don't know anything about game design at all. You're speaking to those that only know about financial projections. I actually think sections of the Paladins team do exceptional work, like the visual efx people, I love the little details they put into the big skins. I'd wager that anyone that actually does work on the game cares very much about giving us the best and I trust that they try their best to do that. But they can only do what they're allowed to do ya know? If the suits say "we need more content to keep people paying for things!" and they say "we understand that but we really need to spend some time polishing what we've already produced" well... you know who wins there.

    Sadly corporate greed is reaching an all time high with the damage it's inflicting on the industry. Look at yesterdays headlines, Bobby Kotick Activision/Blizzards CEO just boasted all time high earnings alongside laying off 770 Blizzard employees. That's the kind of garbage these poor developers are trying to work through.

    I do think we, as a community of consumers, need to be clear about where our anger is directed and side with the artists and engineers that are trying their best for us. For whatever little good it will do.
    The community outrage that prompted the recent Ash nerf was in plain sight, you all just missed it!

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