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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post here because i do not do this normally, but i really have some real questions.
    So i play ranked i am trying to get 200 wins (like to do achievments and quests in the game) but there are few reasons that i will probably never gonna do it because:

    I am always getting into the "noob team".

    1. People in my team never care what role should the team need. After picking 2 tanks and 2 heals (lol) the last pick got third tank and we never got a dmg/flank OR they pick 4 dmg/flanks. This use to happend more than 5 games IN A ROW. in the meantime on the opposite team they always pick what should they pick. My teammates are always under level 10 of their current champion. They just go push forward and no one captures the objective and etc. Every other game i have a teammate who pick a champion for the first time (level 0). The other team always got Androxus level 70, 2 strong tanks (fernando + Khan) and i got Barik with 3k life... However i manage to do more than 200k heal every game (seris) and always lose after long game 3-4 or fast 4-0. Please somebody tell me if this is coincidence or what?? it starts to get really annoying. For 3 days i went 4 divisions back??

    2. Game is freezing A LOT.
    Every 1 of 5 games i play is freezing and i need to restart game. I am playing main champion Seris so my presence is very important. Of course after i restart the game everyone is mad at me and spamming me "bye, bye, bye, bye"on the VGS and gives up... super annoying...

    3. There is ALWAYS a team member of my team who goes afk for some reasons. Yes. Every single game!
    They are always sniper, pip or the guy who last picked second healer and totally ruined the game.

    8 out of 10 games are crap.

    My question is there any point of playing ranked at all or bots are better option?
    I know the game is free and bla bla but come on guys, even for a voicepack you charge 200 crystals instead of being given with the skins. You have more than enough recourses to get a skillful developers to make the game runs smoothly and without thousands of annoying bugs...

    Obviously i won't be able to complete the 200 wins challenge within 2 days because of everything i mentioned... However will be great to treat a user who spend money on the game with them ranked frames!
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    You have 16 wins in the last 30 ranked matches, it looks perfectly fine to me.
    Losing streaks happen, don't pull your hair over them.

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    This is, even just in a tiny part, linked to what I wrote about the need of an internal chat and a real report system (not this fake "sweets and candies" after battle R3 report button).
    If it wasn't for the fact I'm became a quitter too (diamond II right now) I would be Master.

    But why usually in ps4 (consoles) we quit more than the pc version?

    A) already wrote in another thread. No chat and no real report;
    B) developers laziness. I play since february-march 2016, we always asked for different balances but hey: "be quiet consoles users, play with pc version parameters". And this forces us to leave ranked matches if someone forgets to ban Talus, Androxus or that Nuke Everything Skye (and I even was Skye main. But I hate her now);
    C.1) MM, after 2 years, is still a shit. Why, if I am Master or near master, have to carry a platinum, gold, silver team? I'm not a baby sitter, I have not an ONG, so I have not to do charity. If you are gold, you have to play with gold (and so on);
    C.2) Ranked system, again. There is not real restriction to go ranked. You can register your account and go ranked after 3 hours of game. Again, why have I to carry a selfish asshole who doesn't want to train a little?
    C.3) you said two times you are a Seris user. Don't want to offend you in no way but this is another reason why quitters are actually quitters: maybe you are a superstar with a (one, 1) champ...but what happens if your champion is banned or already took? Will you play bad with any other one? This way, in my humble opinion, you are ruining my time because in ranked I'm able to use at least 15-20 different characters. Obviously I'm not talking about you, but about the "only one champion player".
    D)yeah, servers are trash.
    E) Meta champions. Not too much to say. No wonder why perma ban flankers are skye, andro, talus and even if they are free nobody picks moji, maeve and evie. This game developers keep boosting they favourites one. LOL

    So, in few words, this game is like pubs: if the Owner allows customers to be drunk as fuck, customers will be drunk as fuck. If the Owner kicks in the ass drunken customers out of the pub, the pub will be clean, elegant and smart.

    This game actually is as developers want it to be: filled with trash players because even trash players will pump their player base numbers (hey, we have 6millions players!!!).
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    I think an in-game chat would help solve this problem. I used to play on PS4 Only but now I'm on pc/PS4 and we just talk about which champions we want to play with while picking so it's very rare to see your problem but trust some people are trolls and they'll pick a flank if they want to even if there are 4 other flanks.
    About the bad team I recommend adding people who u think are good and play with them

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    Well obviously this topic was discussed before but the console client does really need a working report system and people must start getting banned temporary from playing ranked if they do something stupid like being afk in a match.
    Another thing is if you make people able playng ranked matches after getting account level of 30-40 or something... Anyway big amount of the users are kids who doesn't give a damn if they play normal or ranked. Just keep that users away from playing ranked. There are hundreds of things that could be done to improve the quality of ranked games.

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