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Thread: Imani's Dragon can push and contest payload. is this intended?

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    Imani's Dragon can push and contest payload. is this intended?

    on Vex30 youtube video i seen that his team Imani's Dragon trigger overtime and actually pushed the payload to score 2-0,there was no other ally player round the payload but the Dragon, Vex30 himself cant believe this is real. is this really happening in paladins? a dragon pushing and capturing payload to win?

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    There are couple strange things about Imani when ulting.

    As far as programming goes, practically Imani becomes the dragon, and she leaves a deployable clone, which can be destroyed - probably it was easier to code this way.
    Don't know if it was patched out or not, but bulldozer increases damage on Imani while she is controlling the dragon.

    Knowing this, the dragon should trigger the overtime, because it is Imani.
    From a gameplay standpoint it is not a great feature, but more like an oversight than a bug.
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    Imani’s body remains at the place where she casted the dragon, if her body is killed(original 2200 hp) then the dragon and imani both dies. The dragon can contest point and push payload because it’s technically Imani, while it being a deployable which can be destroyed with Bulldozer.

    Eh it’s pretty complicated but if the dragon bothers you then bulldozer is the go

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