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Thread: Blue Card: Persistence (Harmful Status Effect Protection)

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    Blue Card: Persistence (Harmful Status Effect Protection)

    Item Shop Card: Persistence

    Price: 200 / 400 / 600

    Reduce the Duration of Harmful Effects by 20/40/60%.

    What is a harmful effect? I'm talking about things like Burning, Poison, Reveal effects that persist over a gradual duration. Non controlling harmful effects that effect you though Resilience.

    Ever been torched by Nando, to any chump without an ability the negate the flames, they get burned at a mere tick for 200 over 2s.
    Mal Poison, Skye poison are similar in this aspect.
    And I believe there will be many new abilities to come that will fall into this area.

    Ok So..

    Currently there is no real defence against these elements other then taking the appropriate damage resistance. Which means that hostile effects such as damage over time can play a detrimental role throughout the game and not be countered by items in the shop beyond damage application.

    It is the duration of such hostile effects that plays an interesting role in the way the game plays.

    - If a character is being damaged by most damage over time attacks, they lose their ability to get out of combat for several seconds thus losing potential self healing.

    - Most champs with no ability to cleanse these effects get put under additional pressure and must zone back to safer grounds by just merely walking into Nando burn, or revealed for eternity by standing in line of sight of Tyra.

    By having some in game element that reduces the the duration of such effects would be much greater for players all round while fighting against opponents that can combine damage over time with regular damage.

    I think there are certain champions who'd invest credits in building themselves against damage over time effects, then we should see some interesting damage over time effects be implemented in future game design that can be balanced by this item being present. This Item would also be a indirect Buff to stealth champs trying to persist through abusive reveals.

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    I approve

    Great idea, I would move to this in game.
    howdy I have an idea... Maybe instead of complaining about your problems, suggest a solution... It's the only way to make the paladins community a better place... Have a nice day

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