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Thread: *THE* right way to link console-PC accounts

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    Question *THE* right way to link console-PC accounts

    Yeah, I'm here to find that out. (You didn't think I knew, did you?)

    So here's what I did that doesn't go as expected:

    1. Download & play Paladins on an Xbox One S
    2. Accumulate some gold coins and XP level ups
    3. Accept offer to link to my email and get a special skin (email reportedly coming to my Xbox email)
    4. Promised email never arrives

    5. Switch to a PC
    6. Login to Hi-Rez
    7. Go to Hi-Rez in a PC-based browser
    8. Find instructions to link PC-based Paladins with the Xbox
    9. Go through the steps - create a new Paladins account with:
      • Username (a slight variation on my Xbox name)
      • Password
      • Email Address (same as Xbox email address -- where I should have received a Paladins email, but didn't)
    10. Go to Linked Accounts on the website ... I think Xbox was already linked there containing "IN-GAME REWARDS: SMITE & PALADINS"
    11. Aware that I have to play the PC version from Steam, I link my Steam account from this same webpage

    12. Start Paladins on PC for first time on Steam
    13. It asks for Username and Password: I give it the same (variation) Username/Password from step 9 above
    14. NOW it asks for a ???PLAYER NAME???? After Username & Password? whaaaaaa?
    15. I give it the same (variation of Xbox ID) Username as my Player Name

    16. I'm in Paladins and:
      • I have zero gold (not the thousands on the XBox)
      • I have zero experience (vs. the levels up on the Xbox)
      • I have the skin/weapon rewards of linking Xbox to Hi-Rez/PC

    17. Back over on the Xbox I have:
      • the thousands of gold & experience
      • ***AND***
      • the same skin/weapon rewards of linking Xbox to Hi-Rez/PC
    18. ***AND*** zero History appears on Xbox for my account (even though I've played there)

    So, what does that all mean? Am I truly linked the way an average inexperienced person would think? (the reward would indicate "yes" but nothing else does) Am I playing 2 completely different accounts that happen to share the same skin/weapon reward (and if so, is that actually considered "linking")? Will there ever be any coordination between my Xbox data and my PC data? And if so, what form will it take? Will my XBox account soon zero out, or will my PC account soon gain what I earned in the XBox?

    Questions, Questions, Questions. Now I'm asking for answers, answers, answers from someone who knows.

    How should I have done this "the right way" to begin with? So that everything is the same on both systems, nothing gets lost, everything stays up to date, and all this stuff makes sense to a "normal" person.


    P.S. - I'm aware that copy from PC-to-console is no longer available as of 2017. But I've seen NOTHING re: console-to-PC, so I expect starting on the console is more ideal, and that data should naturally move to the PC without much effort. But it's not looking that way yet.
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    I tried to improve my original post. And I think I've waited a respectful amount of time. Is there any help for this question here? Thanks!

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