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Thread: Deserter Status but couldnt pick or ban in ranked?

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    Angry Deserter Status but couldnt pick or ban in ranked?

    So I was just playing a ranked game but for the last 2 games I cant pick or ban while in lobby upon entering a ranked match?

    I waited 10 minutes to join a queue and got into a match and got into ban phase banned my 2 champions and then couldnt pick my champ and got a 30 minute status, waited 30 minutes, que'd again and same thing happened. My internet is great and I get no internet drops ever and other games work just fine but for some reason I keep getting this error, Ive dropped ranked cause of it and gathered the losses.

    Can someone please explain to me as to why this happens or what I can do to prevent this? Id really appreciate it, Thanks!

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    2019 here and still the same problem. I've got booted twice in a row and banned for 1 hour, without speaking of the traditional TP malus that follows. If you wanted an answer I've found one here >, that's how things are handled on this forum obviously.

    So if anyone amongst the moderation team as a less childish answer it would be appreciated. For as far as I'm concerned I'm running under a decent internet connection and there is no reason for me (or others people in my case) to get randomly booted and badly penalized in the process, without even getting a proper answer.

    Thank you.

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