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Thread: This Week in the Realm 12/10-12/16

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    This Week in the Realm 12/10-12/16

    This Week in the Realm 12/10-12/16

    Happy Tuesday, Champions! We’ve got a kickin’ week in the Realm coming up, let’s check it out.

    Monday 12/10:

    Tuesday 12/11:

    Wednesday 12/12:
    • 4AM ET | Champion Rotation: Barik, Tyre, Androxus, Grover
    • 12PM ET | Role Call: Frontline edition with special guest NTBees
    • 2 PM ET | Champions of Switch stream hosted by me, EvilMojoMolly. This is our first console specific stream, and we’re so excited to get started. I’m starting with a fresh account, and will be playing some viewer games as I work though my first few levels on Switch on!

    Thursday 12/13:

    Friday 12/14:
    • 12PM ET | SUB[mitted] Games. Want to take your play to the next level? This week, Raynday, Prettyhair, and special guest Metapusher will be coaching and casting your Paladins games! Submit here for a chance to be featured.
    • 2 PM ET | 2PM ET | Champions of PS4 stream hosted by me. Play some games with me on PS4, hang out, and ask questions!

    Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: New and old F2P players have a number of options to earn gold and unlock new champions. Make sure to grab your login rewards, do daily quests, and stay up to date on our events!
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    It seems we have a very fun week ahead of us.
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