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Thread: "Calling PS4 & Xbox One Player" Giving Large Gift (PC) getting console skin for me.

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    Lightbulb "Calling PS4 & Xbox One Owners" Giving Large Gift (PC) getting console skin for me.

    Basically i don't own any of those two console and i have no way of getting Androxus "Stage 4 and X" and Viktors "Soldier+" skin.

    Now that gift system is implement to the game i would like to ask anyone who can help me by logging-in my accounts for both "PS4" (With Playstation Plus) and "Xbox" or you can provide me a account that have already been logged-in "But not linked to any existing PC account" in order for me to acquired to the skins.

    For every console skin i get i will give "1 Large Gift" (PC Only) to those who helped me.

    Helping me logging-in my PS4 Account with Playstation Plus will probably unlocked me Androxus Stage 4 & Viktor Soldier+ so i will give that person "2 Large Gifts" for PC.

    For Xbox One Owners who help me get Androxus X skin i will give them "1 Large Gift" with "1 Small Gift"

    If anyone is interested feel free to add a comment below or PM in (
    I'm available from 8PM to 12PM GMT8+ every night
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